The Shop's Terms of Service

Our company handcrafts all products in small batches in advance.  All handmade soaps are left to cure minimum of 4-6 weeks before they are available for use. This allows for adequate hardening of the bar.  Some recipes need to cure for longer for proper hardening depending on the types of oil and water amounts used.


Due to the length of time needed for the handmade soaps to adequately cure enough, custom orders need more time to complete.

Custom orders will be started after payment has cleared. Soap takes 6 weeks to cure and harden so that it makes for a better and longer lasting bar of soap. As such, it cannot be mailed to the buyer until it has fully cured. This also helps to minimize damage during shipping which is more likely to occur when the soap has not fully cured and is too soft.

The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade. No two bars of handmade soap are exactly alike even in the same small batch.


Care for your new product(s) by:

Always storing on a soap dish with drain holes that allow the handmade soap to not retain water, thereby encouraging the bar of soap to dry out between uses.  This will prolong the life of your bar of handmade soap, giving you many more opportunities to use and enjoy it.

Your product(s) can be damaged if:

All handmade or handcrafted soaps can have their texture altered and longevity reduced if left to sit in a small puddle of water instead of a proper draining soap dish between uses. The excess water gets absorbed and softens the soap, which is what reduces longevity. The handmade soaps made from scratch are stable in normal room temperatures.

However, select soaps identified as made with “glycerin soap embeds”, or the soaps themselves made of a glycerin soap base are sensitive to extreme heat.  Check the listing to see if it says “glycerin soap”. Those soaps are usually described as being handcrafted as opposed to handmade (from scratch).  Since the glycerin soaps are sensitive to extreme heat, it is not recommended to leave them in a hot car, in your purse left in a hot car, or for use in outdoor camping in hot climates.

Additional Information regarding any “Glycerin Soaps” if Available in the Shop:

In humid environments any soaps with “soap charms” made of glycerin may develop water droplets on the surface. This is due to glycerin being a humectant which draws moisture from the environment. It is known as “soap sweating” but is completely normal and harmless in any glycerin soaps or decorative “soap charms” made of glycerin. Not all the soap charm toppers are made of glycerin so be sure to check the listing for details.


The products in our Signature Line of pet themed soaps are more delicate to ship than in other collections that do not have decorative parts that stick out of the soap. As such they have to be packaged more carefully and with extra padding. In some cases, we even custom make boxing to go around parts like the unicorn horns. Due to this, we cannot ship them in padded envelops and these products must be shipped in boxes with extra padding or custom boxing. The shipping charges reflect this special handling.

Our company ships through the following carriers:

At this time International shipping is not available outside of the USA.  We hope to be able to ship internationally in the future as our company grows.

Cost calculations:
We do our best to apply fair shipping costs to each order via an online shipping and handling calculator.

* Shipping costs are calculated automatically during checkout.

We ship as soon as possible after having received confirmation of a cleared payment for the order.

Our products are meant to be used for personal hygiene.  Due to this intimate nature, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.  However, please contact us if there is a problem.  You may be asked to provide digital pictures to better illustrate the issue, which helps in the communication process.

Additional non-returnable items:
* Gift cards

*Digital Downloadable products

When contacting us about an issue with a product, please provide a receipt or proof of purchase for the item(s) in question.

Please do not send your purchase back to the return address on your package. Personal hygiene products cannot be restocked, in order to ensure and adhere to customer safety precautions.