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Cute Cat Face Soaps


You definitely don’t want to miss out on this colorful gang of feline characters. You just might find one that reminds you of your own furball. Bring on the cats! Please watch your step, and your ankles as you enter into the cat lair. (wink)

Shop Update: The Calico Cats were really popular and are currently SOLD OUT. However, you can still get the other cats available from the drop down menu below. 



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Black Cat

Give that Halloween Fanatic a cute Black Cat soap of their own, and add to that Halloween Party Décor! It’s sure to get the conversation started.

Do you have your very own Halloween Cat that likes to puff up his/her tail at you and bounce across your path sideways all while trying to look fierce and intimidating? LOL, well if you don’t you can still get this mysterious black cat soap, which is perfect for any Halloween soap gift ideas for your favorite friend whom loves celebrating Halloween as much as Christmas.  We all have one of those friends, don’t we? Or, that person just might be you! 
This Halloween cat face is a black cat with green eyes and a white heart shaped locket. Many people call this marking a “kiss from God”

Calico Cat

As sweet as pie, this Calico is sure to catch the eye.

This beautiful tricolor cat is so unique in his/her markings that the number of cat coat patterns and  combinations is limitless.  Each is so unique just as in the feline world that you just might want to start collecting them instead. Good thing it’s only hand soap, a home full of real calico cats might be a little more cuddle than you had bargained for.
This orange black white cat is inspired by our long hair calico cat mascot named Hannah  😉

Dark Grey Cat

Soapy suds with your best cat bud.  Good luck! I’d stick with the cute cat face soap bar.  It’s much safer for you if you know what I mean, LOL.

Ever notice you have a second shadow? Is that shadow an affectionate dark grey medium hair cat that follows you around from room to room? You swear he is more dog-like than cat and wonder if he was weaned by a dog instead of a cat.  He begs you for table food which is a no-no, but he doesn’t care and will swipe that delicious butter coated popcorn off the coffee table the minute you go to the kitchen. You best keep tabs on him.  However, this dark grey innocent looking cat face is a soap that you can get to obediently stay in the bathroom, will not get into any mischief nor try to steal something of yours to eat when you are not looking.  Suds up!

Brown Tabby Cat

Different stripes for different types. This release features the brown tabby cat in our feline lair of handmade bath soaps. Does an affectionate tabby cat personality live with you? 

Your fanciful fudge-striped lap cat is all yours to tell your secrets to, share a cat slow blink and corny one-off jokes, while you relax together on the couch and de-stress to the sound of Jazz or whatever works for you on that secret YouTube playlist, that only your brown tabby cat knows about. Unlike your fine furry friend though, this adorable brown tabby cat face is happiest going with you to the shower or bathtub when you need to chill.
pet-cat-natural-soap-brown tabby

What is it about cats on glass tables?

When Petey is not watching me make soap he is doing crazy things like this in the video below…

Additional information

Weight 4.9 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 4 in
Cat Face Color or Cat Type

Black Cat, Calico Cat, Dark Grey Cat, Tabby Cat

1 review for Cute Cat Face Soaps

  1. Julie V

    I just got my specialty soaps from MJ Chandler’s Corner and they are SO amazing! I ordered several different types and patterns ( mostly cat-themed) and they are all exactly as pictured. They came in the mail just a few days after I ordered them and were obviously crafted and packaged with care. A few will be gifts but I want to keep them all! So cute and colorful! I highly recommend MJ Chandler’s Corner! – Julie V

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