Whimsical Gifts-Handmade Designer Soaps

Looking for whimsical gifts? What could be more whimsical than these designer soaps that are handmade in the specialty soap shop of MJ Chandler’s Corner?

Each bar of soap is handmade from scratch, in small batches, by the artisan soap designer and soap maker herself. They are then allowed to cure for 4-6 weeks before she then packages them up with care, and drives them personally to the post office and out to you. You cannot get more personal than that, short of driving right up to your doorstep.


For the Flights of Fantasy, Fandom, and just Stinkin’ Cute

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  • asian-plum-scent

    Fruity scents & Asian Plum scent

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  • fresh-cut-roses-impressionist

    Freshly Cut Roses Garden

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  • a-cute-bunny

    A Cute Bunny for your Honey

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