Signature Collection - Pet Themed Handmade Soaps

Buy natural one of a kind Pet Themed Handmade Soaps – signature collection, at our online soap shop for cat lovers and their friends, and experience the difference while supporting a good cause. These specialty soap bars are so unique and one of a kind, that they should really be thought of as “soap art“.

Specialty Cat Faces Soap Bars – Soap Art at its Finest

What is so special about these pet-themed soap bars is that the cat face details such as the eyes, nose, coat color patterns and any additional features like bow-ties, etc run all the way through the bar. This means that you get to enjoy them with each use. They are NOT “painted” on like some soap sellers do with their bars, which is why the making of these bars is so unique (and much more a labor of love and time in their making). We hope you will enjoy each and every one as much as we enjoyed making them for you!


Pet Themed Handmade Soaps – signature collection

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To See soaps in the COLOR WORLD collection (non-pet themed) that are not part of this SIGNATURE collection of pet themed soaps – CLICK HERE

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    Cute Cat Face Soaps

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  • cavapoo-dog-natural-handmade-bar-soap

    Molly Cavapoo Dog Handmade Bar Soap

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  • unicorn-cat-soap-single-handmade-bar-soap

    Colorful Cat – Unicorn Cat – Unicorn Soap

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  • stocking-stuffers-for-cat-lovers-set-of-3-guest-soaps

    Guest Soaps Pet Paw Print Set – 3 pk

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  • wedding-gift-for-groom_Main

    Groom Cat Pure Organic Soap

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  • bridal-cat-organic-handmade-soap

    Bridal Cat Organic Handmade Soap

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  • hello-miss-white-kitty

    Hello Miss White Kitty – Cat Lover BFF

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  • christmas-gifts-for-cat-lovers

    Pet Paws Natural Handmade Soap

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  • moonlight-cats-meow-at-the-moon-soap

    Moonlight Cats – Meow at the Moon

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  • shea-butter-lip-balm-unscented

    Unscented Signature Butter Lip Balm

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  • Kissable Kissers_Lip Balm

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  • pet-paw-print-round-soap-bars

    Pet Paw Print Round Natural Soap Bar – Alpine Trees scented

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  • guest-soap-pet-paw-prints

    Pet Paw Prints Guest Soaps – assorted 3 pk

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