Pet Savers Collection

Adorable Cat Faces Soap

What's In the Pet Savers Collection?

Fanciful Felines look up at you in our fun natural handmade soap

Welcome to the Feline Lair

The Home of Cats and the Master or Mistress of None!

These cat themed presents in the Pet Savers Collection are purr-fect gifts for Cat Moms, Cat Dads, or friends and family of your favorite fur-babies.  Also, all cat faces found here are 100% hairball proof!  Let’s introduce you to the characters in the Soap Suds Gang in 4..3…2..1 

Brown Tabby Cat

pet-cat-natural-soap-brown tabby

A playful brown tabby with either bicolored eyes or same color eyes.  Especially purrfect for the person who has a tabby member of the household.

***Be surprised as to which of  your furry friends in the brown tabby cat handmade soap line-up arrives on your doorstep

Fun Furry opinion information:


Calico Cat


Miss Hannah the Kitty is a calico cat.  Her look-a-likes come with different unique solid or striped tri-color patches of white, orange and black (grey) color markings. No two soap bars are the same.

***Choose from your favorite calico handmade soap bars available

Fun Furry opinion information:


Grey Cat

Petey is a dark grey cat with super round eyes like marbles. This is what he looks like when he is asking for food…which is all the time!

This handmade bar of soap looks just like him. Variations in the shape of the grey ears and other features due to no two bars are exactly the same.

Fun Furry opinion information:


All the handmade soaps in the Pet Savers Collection were made with the following materials:

Ingredients:  Saponified oils of Olive oil, sustainably sourced Palm oil, Coconut oil, lard, Castor oil, distilled water, Colloidal oats, Kaolin clay, sodium lactate, micas mixed in sunflower oil

* some bars that are dark grey or black may contain either activated charcoal or black oxide.
*if the soap bar has any white as a main part in the design, then small amounts of titanium dioxide were used.
** no cats were harmed, tested on, nor did they help in any way in the making of these handmade soaps, brought to you by MJ Chandler’s Corner

To meet the other feline members of the Soap Suds Gang and see their colorful bios in the shop, visit the Signature Collection in the feline soap shop.


What is so special about these soap bars is that the cat face details such as the eyes, nose, coat color patterns and any additional features like bow-ties, etc. carry on all throughout the bar from front to back.

This means that you get to enjoy them with each use. They are NOT “painted” on like some soap sellers do with their bars, which is why the making of these bars is so unique (and definitely a labor of love and time in their making).

We hope they bring a spark of joy to your day, and that you will enjoy each and every one as much as we enjoyed making them for you!