Hello Friends! – A Message from MJ

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our unique handmade soap website. We are in the business of making handmade bar soap, so that you have the option to buy natural soap online instead of trying to find artisan made luxury soap bars at far away craft shows, or downtown boutique stores.

We specifically keep in mind the concerns of sensitive skinned people who cannot tolerate a lot of harsh chemicals in their skin care products.  In addition, we find that people  with these type of skin concerns are also for the most part, not able to tolerate strong fragrances, or any fragrance at all for that matter. 

As such a large part of our product line is unscented or lightly scented.  However, you will find that the designs and other whimsical themes are far from ordinary.

Please stay a while and visit our shop, we are sure you will find something that tickles your fancy and amuses you.

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