Additional Product Information and use Instructions

Soapy Details & Product Care

Soap Weight & Dimensions:

Weight can vary in most handmade products from one bar to another.
The full-sized bars weigh on average 4 oz. to 6 oz. unless specified otherwise, and can vary across different product lines. Please refer to product detail descriptions with each listing.

As soap ages the weight of the bar will change due to water loss through evaporation.

Dimensions of the soap bars are approximate due to the handmade nature of their creation and being hand cut. Please expect some slight variance in dimensions for this reason. Each listing has an approximate size to allow the shipping calculator to determine what will fit in each package and to allow for packing material to separate the bars.

Proper Care and Use:

For maximum longevity of your special handmade bar of soap, store on a soap dish with adequate drainage holes. This allows the soap bar to dry between uses and prevents the soap from sitting in water. Prolonged water absorption makes the bar soft and decreases longevity.

As with any new product for use externally on the body, please test soap on a small area of skin before continuing with normal use. If irritation occurs discontinue using product.

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