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How  MJ Chandler’s Corner become a reality…


“We are thrilled that everyone who uses our handmade soaps knows they are getting a unique soap bar created in the most natural way possible, with the freshest ingredients, artfully shaped into the most fun and delightful designs for their enjoyment”


MJ Chandler’s Corner,
Artisan Soap Designer


Before I created MJ Chandler’s Corner, I was making regular glycerin soaps for 3 yrs. Those soaps were “handcrafted” as opposed to “handmade from scratch” with delicious butters and oils.

 Then one day it occurred to me that certain family members like my mother, brother, father-in-law and even my BFF couldn’t use the majority of store-bought soaps. They had super sensitive skins! I would have to go all the way and shift to 100% handmade from scratch to give them another option from the one store bought brand that they were afraid to venture away from, for fear of rashes, dryness and other skin irritation issues.  I spent the next year perfecting my 100% scratch made recipes.

 I was concerned that they wouldn’t even try my soaps, having had sensitive skin experiences all their lives, which made them unwilling and fearful to try new brands.

But then…

They eventually did after much coaxing and long-term patience, and I was pleased to learn that each of them liked the soaps, had no problems, and reported positive experiences.  I like the idea of my mother not using soaps full of detergents, surfactants, and other unknowns. She has enough medical issues to deal with as it is.  I also take comfort in knowing that my BFF who is a cancer survivor has the option of using a handmade soap that is more natural, thus not having to worry about “mystery” ingredients.  She has made many changes to her diet from the things she eats and drinks to reduce her risk.  It makes sense that she should also reduce what gets absorbed through her skin.

 I decided I’d set out to create the most unique and unusual handmade soaps for the most sensitive skinned, handmade soap using Fur-Parent or Friend living in a home with Furbabies.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

 There were thousands of handmade Artisan soap makers, and just as many shops online. So many “Chandlers” to pick from!  Plus, with the internet, my product images and posts were quickly lost in the sea of other such media.

 Not to be discouraged, I still wanted to offer handmade soaps, including unscented for sensitive skins, and passionately wanted to make a line unique and unusual enough, while also helping to support a cause near and dear to my heart, that is apparent in the theme of the signature collection.

 I feared that perhaps…

People only wanted over the top scented soaps with fancy frosting tops, etc and as such no one would be interested in my unusual twist to handmade soaps for sensitive skins and fur-baby loving people.

 Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been uplifting.

 I’m a Fur-Mom myself…

Aka “Cat Mom”, I’ve never had to purposefully go out to adopt a furbaby because they always seem to find me first!  My home and budget is not big enough for all the homeless and abandoned pets in the shelters.  This pulls at my heart strings.  I want to help in a meaningful way, even if I cannot take every pet home indoors.

By donating a part of the profits to a local pet shelter, I hope to at least help with their funding in some, even if small way, until they find their FUR-EVER home where they will always be FUR-EVER LOVED.  I hope you will join me and support this cause as well by making a purchase at our shop.

May you live a life of abundance, courage and moxie with peace in your heart.  And…please use the pretty soap! I can always make some more.

May the light in me shine with the light in you,



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