A Mother’s Day Story


Another one of those touching mother’s day stories ...

If you are looking for a good Mother’s day story that is really going to make you “feel” something today, then this tale is for you. I promise you it will make you see the world and people differently….


This original story is in Spanish and was translated to me by a friend….it made me cry and I was at work at the time (when I use to work for someone else)…plus I was already feeling the tears before she finished telling the story- its a good one for Mother’s Day and other personal relationships. :

“A young man went to go for an interview for the first time and first job. The employer said to him ” Can I please see your hands?” Perplexed the young man brought forth both hands up. The employer looked at them and then said “Can you please show me the palms too?” The young man turned his palms face up. ” Hmmm…okay. Who takes care of you?” the employer asked. “Well….my Mother” replied the young man. ” Alright…this is what I’d like you to do: Go home and wash your mother’s hands this evening and come back to see me tomorrow”, instructed the employer.

The young man went home and that evening he washed his mother’s hands. The mother was in tears the whole time as this was the first time her son had ever washed her hands. While he was washing her hands he noticed how misshapen they had become, with warts and bumps and spots. There were hard callouses and they were thin and frail. He did not say a word but observed and was deep in thought. When he was done and had dried his mothers hands, he went and picked up the unfinished laundry that was sitting nearby and washed that too by hand, scrubbing each piece with care and deep in thought.

The next day the young man returned to the job interview site. “Okay…please show me your hands” requested the employer. The young man showed his hands palms up. They were still slightly red and a few blisters had developed on the fleshy pads. ” And, what did you learn yesterday?” the employer asked. The young man said ” I learned that we should not take people for granted and that we should learn to appreciate them more.” He replied. “Yes, that is correct. It is also like that in the workplace. You must also value and respect your co-workers, appreciate when they help you, and take care of one another.” the employer said in a gentle manner. ” You got the job. You may start today” he said with a smile.

I Love You Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day

With ALL My Heart,



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